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Wadena Hockey Club is a nonprofit organization run by club members.


FUNDRAISING:   Wadena Hockey has three SIGNIFICANT fundraisers that make Wadena Hockey possible.  Raffle Ticket Sales, Concession Stand Sales & the Blue Line Bids Event.  These fundraisers assist in paying for operating costs of the Association and Wadena Hockey Arena, thus keeping player fees low.


RAFFLE TICKETS:  Each family will be responsible for selling raffle tickets.   All levels are required to sell $20 raffle tickets.  Ticket Sales requirements will be set after registration number have been completed and evaluated.  Maximum requirements per family will not exceed 30 tickets.  The number of tickets per family is based on the child at the highest level only.  Example; if you have a Squirt and a new 6U, you will need to sell the number of tickets required for Squirts, not both children.  Raffle tickets will be dispersed to families at an early season team meeting.  Deposit checks for full amount will be required upon receipt of the tickets and will be returned when raffle ticket sales and stubs are turned in to the association.


CONCESSION WORK:  Each family will be asked to work a number of hours in the concession stand.  The number of hours will be determined after the ice schedule and registrations are complete.  You will be charged an hourly fee for not completing your concession hours.  The fee is for 2018-19 season will be $20 per hour.  All fees must be paid in full to have your family account in good standing prior any new registration for the following year.


BLUE LINE BIDS:   Blue Line Bids is the social event of the season for WHC association and all community members.  It is held Saturday January 25th 2020.  The event is made of up donations from around the area and the state.  The donations are sold on live or silent auction.  You may be asked to volunteer to help collect donations or to work a shift for the event.  Such as set up, clean up, food table or working the game tables, etc.



  • Each team is responsible for working home games.  The team manager will provide a list of games/duties that each family is required to sign up for.  These duties include (depending on level of play) but are not limited to:  time-clock, scorebook, penalty box, Zamboni driver, cleaning bleachers, lobby, bathrooms, etc.
  • Each team is responsible to appoint or assign the following positions for general duties.  The member duties will extend beyond normal team duties at times within the association.
    • Team Manager
    • Safe Sport Advisor
    • 2 Zamboni Drivers
    • 2 Skate Sharpeners
  • Each team will be responsible through out the season for weekly cleaning of the rink.  Team rotation will be set prior to the season start and duties will be posted at the arena.  This responsibility is beyond the normal expectations of each team’s duties during their home games. 


Please refer to the Wadena Hockey handbook for more information