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The Wolverine Challenge starts on Sunday, May 29th!

What to do-

1. Go to  (Bookmark it)

2. Each Week (Sundays preferably!), enter your player's numbers.

3. Encourage proper shots:  Watch the videos on the site with your child-while any practice is helpful, promoting the proper methods for each shot will help them create good habits!  This includes using actual pucks or pucks or balls designed for off-ice practice (not tennis balls or others)

4. Nets. You don't need to go out and buy a net!  You can use tape against a wall, a favorite neighbor’s house, etc...  Official Net Size is 72" Wide by 48" Tall   

5. Encourage and explain "On Your Honor".  Be sure that the kids understand what constitutes a shot and how to properly count them.

Have a great summer tracking shots and counting saves!


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Thank you to all the supporters of the 17th annual Blue Line Bids fundraiser for Wadena Hockey Club.  It was a great success, we couldn't do it with out you!