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    See to the right for Mite II & III evaluations and initial player placement!  Mite I and II practices are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Mite III practices are Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please see calendar for times.  Mite III are required to attend the majority of the games/jamborees.  Any parent who would prefer that their child be on the Mite 2 team, they need to contact Mac Nelson as soon as possible...(within a week) 218-371-7001.  If you were unable to make it to evaluations and can skate you will be placed at Mite II.  All others new to skating will start at Mite I.

    All Mites are required to work concession hours.  Number of hours required will be determined by November 23rd.

    Mite III player fee is $75.   Mite III are required to sell 30 raffle tickets.  Tickets are $20 each.  Amy Kine will be at the concession stand Monday, November 21 from 5:00 to 6:00 to collect player fees and hand out raffle tickets.  BRING your CHECKBOOK!  A $600 deposit check is required for the raffle tickets.  This will not be cashed, it will be held and returned when sold raffle tickets are turned it.  

    Mite I & II is free but are required to sell some raffle tickets.  Number of raffle tickets, time and date for disbursement is TBD.


    Mite II

    Logan Krell

    Rhett Walter

    Declan Nelson

    Leo Licari

    Grayson Meyer

    Dalanie Nelson

    Jaxon White

    Liam Hall

    Gia Licari

    Brayden Martinson

    Gavin McManigle

    Kase Benson

    Gavin Christensen

    Grady Sworski

    Noah Hall

    Brody Lohse

    Mite III

    Carter Nash

    Hudson Hathaway

    Gavin Wolpert

    Logan Lamphere

    Aurora Jabas

    Owen Weiher

    Noah Bailey

    Mason Michael

    Addison Fink

    Jack Ekren

    Brayden Lenk

    Andrew Keddy

    Bauer Walter

    Charlie Ekren

    Jack Bucholz